Our mission is to develop local community projects which create a more diverse and sustainable economy and healthier environment. Currently, we are working in four areas - Bay Islands Tree Planting Project and Breadfruit Agroforestry are our focus projects while we continue to work in Community Education, Micro Business Development and Community Development Campaigns.

Bay Islands Tree Planting Project Mission

To create awareness about the importance of tree planting, especially fruit tree planting and to actively work with communities at a grass-roots level to get more trees planted while creating value for the existing fruit tree harvests and future harvests.

When you plant fruit trees with communities, you aren't just helping the planet and future generations, you're immediately impacting the lives of families in need. You foster healthy, thriving communities whose people support each other and build the local economy while building resilience for the environment and communities.

Breadfruit Agroforestry Mission

To develop an island-based agroforestry project/model that supports and develops agroforestry and forest gardens for local food consumption or sale, for the creation of value-added products that will assist with local food security, local economic diversification, and community resilience in facing climate change.

Our agroforestry models will be built around breadfruit which is an up-and-coming super-food rich in vitamins and minerals.

United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

Both the above projects aim to address the 11 worst performing SDGs in the Caribbean as suggested by data in the 2020 sustainable development report.

By planting fruit trees we address:

Through community engagement, empowerment, and education we address: