Are you a local resident who has an interest in sharing resources to help us create a community seed bank? We are looking for local residents who have an interest in sharing resources to help us create a community seed bank. The seed bank will store seeds from healthy local trees which have adapted and flourished under local conditions, these trees will also be disease tolerant, we will be also looking for seeds from trees that are high producing in fruit or provide a usable resource, example food, medicinal, product with value-added potential.

The seed bank once underway will allow for seeds to be shared throughout the community with local residents who may not have access to seeds for planting or specific tree varieties.

By working to develop a system of seed storing and sharing, we hope to see more healthy high-value / producing trees grown from seed on the island.

Please contact us if you are interested in collecting seeds for us, as the seed bank grows we will maintain an online database of stored seeds which will be available for local residents, community projects and schools to use for planting.

We are also looking for local residents who would like to grow trees from seed for us or root cuttings (breadfruit), which can then be used for local fruit tree donations to local communities and agroforestry projects. Please contact us for a list of potential tree species we are looking for.