October 12, 2021

Let the fruit tree planting begin

After a few months of preparation and waiting for the rains to return we are excited to have started our fruit tree donations again, starting with the West End Water Board who have received breadfruit, avocado, soursop, lemon, Jamaican apples, papaya, and mamon trees. Our goal for the remaining months of the year is to donate 1000 fruit trees to communities throughout the island. A big thanks to everyone who has made this happen, Karen Leahy, Salomé Fleming, Antonio Luks, everyone who has brought our Support Roatan T-shirts and supported our raffles earlier in the year which were made possible by the donations from Bananarama Resort, Island Pearl Beach Resort, Infinity Bay Spa & Beach Resort, Grand Roatan […]
April 5, 2021

Why Everyone Should Support Tree Planting

It’s an indisputable fact the trees are important! Since our survival depends on trees, its value can’t be overstated. The simple process of converting carbon dioxide into oxygen is critical to the continuation of the human species and animals alike. This also helps to combat global warming. Trees are known to reduce wind speeds and lower the temperature of air because they tend to lose water and return heat upwards from leaves.  Trees are also able to lower city temperatures by approximately up to 7 °C.  They are important to those in the Caribbean region. After all, they render the […]
February 18, 2021

Plant 50,000 Trees in the Bay Islands

**WE NEED YOUR HELP TO PLANT 50,000 TREES IN THE BAY ISLANDS** We are excited to launch the Bay Islands Tree Planting Project in conjunction with local community groups. The goal for 2021 is to plant 50,000 trees in the Bay Islands and WE NEED YOUR HELP to make this happen. You can get involved by donating to one of the partner groups or by simply planting a tree and submitting your contribution through our website: We thank you for your support and please share and like the post so we can get as many people involved as possible.
February 7, 2021

Tree Donations in Roatan

Another great day Friday with the Apicultores of Corozal and the local community. We were able to donate 58 fruit trees which included breadfruit, guavas, avocados, lemons, and platano trees. Thanks to everyone for continuing to purchasing our #supportroatan t-shirts to help us raise funds. If you haven’t purchased a t-shirt, buy online at: find them at the Roatan Local Market Events or Lawson Rock Deli in Sandy Bay.  Remember to join our Roatan Tree Planting group online to follow our activities: To find out more about our Green Communities project visit:
December 29, 2020

Roatan Tree Planting Project – Xmas Tree Donations

We would like to thank the Apicultores of Corozal and the local community for supporting our “Green Communities Project”. We were able to spread some Xmas cheer with donated mango, guayaba, guanabana, limon and platano trees. The response from the local community was great and we were able to gather some invaluable input from local landowners on ways we can assist them in the future. Thanks to everyone for purchasing our #supportroatan T-shirts and supporting our fundraising activities, our goal for 2021 will be to plant 2000 fruit producing trees in the Bay Islands in partnership with local communities and […]
December 21, 2020

Breadfruit in Roatan

Did you know a breadfruit tree can produce up to 200 fruits per year and can help feed a family for up to 50 years? Breadfruit has been branded a true superfood: gluten-free, high in protein and carbohydrates, low in fat, loaded with omegas, antioxidants. folate, fiber, and phytonutrients. Breadfruit can be baked, steamed, fried, dried, and made into flour. The global health and wellness market will be worth an estimated $6 trillion dollars by 2025. The humble breadfruit has been labeled a product to watch. And yes you can find and grow breadfruit right here in Roatan, time to […]
December 19, 2020

Roatan Local Market Video Launch

Our partnership with the Roatan Local Market continues to grow. The RLM is an amazing project-driven with energy and passion for small businesses and entrepreneur development. Local community markets are organized a few times a month in various locations in Roatan and provide an outlet for small businesses to sell to the public but also provide an important community event which is bringing together local residents, tourists and businesses. Keep an eye out for the next Roatan Local Market and check out the promotional video we created for them which will run on the Roatan Travel Network on channel 117 […]
December 9, 2020

Support Local Roatan Businesses

Over the past months, it has been great to see so many people get creative and develop micro-businesses producing or making products on the island. Many of these micro-businesses started from an idea or passion and developed by selling products to family and friends, onto selling to the community and hopefully continue to develop into businesses which help keep money locally, generate employment, sell wholesale or open retail stores, develop a local food and product industry to assist in tourism growth and maybe one day, one day even export products off the island. It’s quite a potential journey many local […]
November 23, 2020

Support Roatan partners with the Caribbean Tree Planting Project

The Support Roatan Green Communities project is excited to announce that we have joined the Caribbean Tree Planting Project as the Bay Islands lead partner. The project aims to plant 1 million trees in the Caribbean while engaging local communities and partner organizations in climate change action. In 2021 our Green Communities plans include working with local organizations on tree planting and recording projects, donating food-producing fruit trees and gardening kits to local families, promoting a youth ambassador program, and assisting on a major event across the Caribbean on World Environment Day on June 5th, 2021.  Learn more about the Caribbean Tree Planting […]
September 16, 2020

Do Your Part – Roatan COVID

DO YOUR PARTSocial distance, wear a mask, wash your hands, stay at home. Stay safe, stay healthy.———-HAZ TU PARTEDistancia social, usar máscarilla, lavarse las manos, quedate en casa. Mantente a salvo, mantente saludable.———-Follow / Seguir / Share / Compartir
August 26, 2020

Tourism Returning to Roatan

With tourism slowly returning to the island, let’s remember this is not over yet. We need to maintain and even improve our biosecurity protocols to make sure we keep our communities, tourism workers, and guests safe during their visit. Please remember to wear a mask!———-I wear a mask to keep all of us safe.Yo uso una máscara para mantenernos a todos seguros.———-Follow / Seguir / Share / CompartirDonate / Donar:
July 18, 2020

Video Launch – While You Were Away!

Watch the latest Support Roatan video below!!! While you were away, something has been missing…Roatan has been missing you, but we are preparing for your return. The beach is ready, the reef is rested, the island waits for you. When the time comes to travel again, Roatan will be here to welcome you. Roatan Awaits!
May 14, 2020

Video Launch – Let’s get back to basics!

Watch the latest Support Roatan video below: Let’s get back to basics, right now we need to think local. Our food supplies are an invaluable resource. Our hands are a blessing. Our skills are an inspiration. Our dedication is essential. By supporting local businesses you help develop a sustainable and diverse economy while creating jobs. It’s our moment to stand together. Support Roatan, Buy Local.#supportroatanJoin the Buy Local / Support Roatan Group at: Support Roatan at:
April 10, 2020

Video Launch – Dont Cancel, Postpone

Watch the latest Support Roatan video below: In times like these, we all need trust, hope, and support. Roatan relies on tourism to strive and thrive. We call for your support by simply not canceling your future trip to Roatan, by postponing your trip you are giving us hope. Don’t Cancel, Postpone. Roatan Awaits. Follow us: